About ChemseQ

ChemseQ International AB was founded in 2009 and is born out of research at FSCN at Mid Sweden University. ChemseQ is positioning itself within the field of environmental technology with new environmentally friendly solutions for metal control. The technology developed is patented.

The company’s solutions provide cleaner processes and significant added values through the recovery of additives and metals, while minimizing the costs of waste disposal when purified starting materials can be reused and refined. By using ChemseQ’s solutions high environmental standards can be met, combined with good economic upshift of invested capital. The business concept includes the design and sale of solutions for metal control, and service assignments to different types of customers in the industry and society segments.

Froth flotation

ChemseQ’s concept is based on separable complexing agents that are recovered by froth flotation, regenerated and reused. The generic technology gives opportunities to remove and collect process disturbing, hazardous and valuable metals from solid waste materials or process water. The efficiency of the method makes it usually applicable at metal concentrations far below 1 ppm.


In ChemseQ’s general concept chemical additives, impurities and metals are removed and recovered, while cleaner water and solid material can be reused and refined. This opens up for creating new business opportunities from the existing material flow.

Investors and Board members

Our investors consists of venture capital firms and development funds, whereas our board consists of members from the academic world, venture capital companies and fund managers.


For further inquiries about who we are or what we do, contact:

Magnus Norgren
E-mail: magnus.norgren@chemseq.com
Telephone: +46 (0)73 074 60 90

ChemseQ International AB
Åkroken Science Park
Storgatan 90
SE-851 70 Sundsvall